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Five Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Small Business Inventory Software

Inventory management is one of the core practices that guarantee success in any business. A business with poor inventory management practices is most likely setting itself up for failure. Aside from giving you exact information of what you have in stock, the central aim of inventory management is for a business to have the right product in the right quantity and at the right time.

Good inventory management prevents you from running out of important stocks or loading your business with excess stock which will invariably tie down funds. With good inventory management, you can know exactly what to restock and what not to buy.

If your business has only one shelf of goods then a sheet of paper on a clipboard may suffice for inventory. But when your goods go beyond just a few items, then there is a need to get a small business inventory software. There are several options for inventory software for small businesses. You should choose one that perfectly suits the need of your business. Below are some of the things to look out for when choosing a small business inventory software;

1) Cost:

A good inventory management software is meant to help you reduce cost, improve your cash flow and enhance your business bottom line. Before you choose a small business inventory software, ensure that it can help achieve the above-listed parameters. You must have several options of inventory software in mind, compare the cost of each of them bearing in mind their features. Will the software help you to save money or will it be costing you even more to have it?

2) Usability:

A good management software should be client-friendly and easy to use. Remember, you won't be the only one to use it. So even if you are technically savvy, what about your employees? Will they be smart enough to figure it out and use it with ease? Of course, you will need to hold a training course to ensure everyone is on the same page, but then people forget things. A good management software should be flexible and easy enough to figure out, with little or no training.

3) Automation:

Depending on the industry that your business belongs, having small business inventory software that can automate the process is a plus. The software can notify you when items are out of stocks or may even go ahead to order, depending on its settings.

4) Accessibility:

Your business may have just one location currently, but what about in the next few years? Who is to say you won't have offices in several different locations? Or perhaps your business is a mobile one. Either way, you need a software that can be accessed from different locations. So regardless of where you are, you can have access to important business information.

5) QuickBooks Integration:

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software package for small and medium-sized businesses. If you have chosen to use QuickBooks for your business accounting then it is important that the inventory management software you plan to use can integrate seamlessly with it. This will help to ensure accuracy in the buying, selling, and shipping of products.


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