Why Mobile Inventory Solutions Matter

Mobile inventory solutions allow for a more cohesive, streamlined process when it comes to managing your inventory. Our inventory management solution, topShelf, is accessible through a mobile device or smartphone.

Why is this important? Here is how topShelf makes it easier to manage your inventory through our mobile interface: 

  • You can download our mobile interface from Google Play or iTunes (topShelf works on any Android, iPhone, or Windows CE device) and is extremely easy to set-up. 
  • Make it easier for your warehouse employees to receive, pick, pack, and ship orders with the ability to scan barcodes on their mobile device. 
  • Printing is made easier, as you can print barcodes for parts, bins, or other assets to any Zebra ethernet printer. 
  • The mobile interface also has the ability to cycle count, so you can always keep track of your valuable inventory. 
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of your warehouse through your mobile device, allowing you full control even when you aren’t near a computer. 

Other Benefits of Implementing topShelf

User-friendly – Perhaps the most important aspect of topShelf is that it possesses an extremely user-friendly interface. This is important for all of your operational systems and software, but it is especially necessary for the tools you use for your warehouse management.

Today, being first is everything. You do not want to waste time trying to figure out your orders or make shipping mistakes because your inventory management software is too confusing to use. Delayed and wrong deliveries can have a lasting, negative impact on your business. With topShelf’s streamlined and easy to use interface, you won’t have to worry about that. 

Inventory Control – Of course, topShelf also offers top-of-the-line industry control for your business. And it’s impossible to overstate the importance of having complete control of your inventory.

One of the great tools topShelf has is that it will alert you if you’re running low on a product — which is crucial for ensuring you don’t run into an inventory shortage problem. 

Accounting Integration – Accounting is one of the most important parts of running a business. If you can’t keep track of your finances and how much money you’re taking in versus how much you’re spending, you’ll have trouble making good decisions for your company.

topShelf makes accounting easy with the ability to fully integrate your accounting system into the platform. This allows you to easily keep track of all business expenses within and outside of inventory. 

And many, many more! 

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