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  • Greatly reduce data entry hours and mistakes by scanning barcodes to create new records.
  • Setup your own “Scan Profiles” for each new situation. It even lets you customize the built-in automated duplicate record identification!
  • Supports virtually any Salesforce object (standard or custom) with or without your custom record types.


This application is built to create any object you want to inside of Salesforce by simply scanning a barcode. Have an upcoming conference or mailing campaign? Then this product is perfect to get the data entry job done fast and in real time. Not only does it do that, but you can set it to look for possible duplicates before it enters the new information! This tool is powerful, lightning fast and simple to use.

For mailing campaigns, have your printer place a 2D barcode with the person’s name, address and other information right on the mailing so that when it comes back you need only scan it to enter the new customer information into

For conferences, most include barcoded name badges so all you need to do is scan a potential customer’s name badge to instantly enter their information into