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  • Add Code-128 or Interleaved-2 of 5 barcodes to any Visualforce Page, PDF or Template. ( 2D Datamatrix codes can also be supported. Call or email for more information. )
  • Use it to create your own product labels or name tag templates to print to Avery type products.
  • Increase productivity by scanning and reducing manual data entry.


TuBarcode is a Visualforce Component that can be used in any of your Visualforce pages to generate a Code-128 barcode. With this product, you can put barcodes on almost anything. Make your own barcoded name badges from Contacts, barcoded product labels, and even barcode your documents (Email Templates, PDFs, Invoices, Pick Sheets, Purchase Orders and more).

It also includes an example that contains a simple Visualforce page and contact list button that can be placed into your contact search page layouts. The provided example is intended to convey the product’s ease-of-use. The list button, called “TuBarcode Example” will take you to view the example Visualforce page. Once there, you will be able to see the example page with barcodes for all of the selected contact’s names. If you view the Visualforce code for the sample page, you will find that we kept it very basic.

TuBarcode is very easy to use, but it is intended to be installed and implemented by Salesforce Administrator. Once installed, just open any of your Visualforce pages and drop in the tag like the following and you are ready to scan!