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Save time by automating entry of repetitive groups of products with pricing and custom fields. Standardize your opportunities / quotes by using previously entered configurations. Simplify the opportunity line item entry process. Perfect for quickly creating quotes and proposals.


If you are looking for Kitting (Kits) or Bundling (Bundles) of products then you found an application that can help. This fully native application utilizes technologies like APEX and Visual Force to streamline repetitive entry of opportunity line items. Using the “Apply Product Bundle” button on any opportunity page a user can select a Product Bundle (sometimes also referred to as a Product Kit, or Product Group), and in one quick click of a button, automatically add all of the Opportunity Line Items complete with Product, Price, Quantity, Custom Fields and All. The user can even add multiple quantities of a product bundle. Product Bundles are created in the “Product Bundles” tab and completed by adding a reference to any number of existing opportunities. These “existing opportunities” are opportunities with product line items that you create just as you normally would, just consider them as a “Template”.

NEW to version 1.6+: Improved handling for multiple price books!