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CartRoverThe topShelf Premium Integration Package supports Scout as an order destination by connecting the 100+ order source CartRover-enabled shopping carts to topShelf. ​

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What is the Scout Premium Integration Package?

The integration package supports Scout as an order destination by connecting all CartRover-enabled shopping carts to Scout’s topShelf. By adding additional shopping carts, you are able to reach more customers and grow your business. Here’s how:

Seamless Order Fulfillment
Sales Orders connect CartRover > topShelf

Improved Shipment Tracking
Shipment tracking information connects topShelf > CartRover > Sales Channels so your customers are alerted when their order is shipped

No Overselling
Inventory levels connect topShelf > CartRover > Sales Channels to prevent overselling

What does the Scout Premium Integration Package include?

EDI integrations are not included in this package, but are available for an additional fee

How does the package affect my current integrations?

Unless you want to add additional order sources to your existing topShelf account, your current integrations are unaffected.

How does the package affect my existing Order Management System (OMS)?

For now, Skubana and Brightpearl remain as native integrations within topShelf.

How do I set up the Scout Premium Integration Package?

  1. Sign up for a CartRover Merchant Account and connect your existing shopping carts to the account
  2. Connect your topShelf account to the CartRover account via API Keys
  3. Turn on the CartRover integrations so that orders and inventory begin flowing

Note: Since CartRover connections are pre-built, following the CartRover Setup Guidelines can help you through the setup process. For an additional fee, our technical support team can set up the package for you—just contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for more information.

What should I do if I can’t find my order source in CartRover?

If you don’t see your sales channel and would like to submit a request for a new integration, please fill out the form at the bottom of the CartRover Integrations page.