On Premise Software

Reduces capital expenditure as software and server are provided through the Cloud. Requires high capital expenditure on software and servers leaving little budget room to deal with potential setbacks.

Improved Accessibility allowing visibility to follow you wherever and internet connection is available Limited mobility due to location dependency decreases ability to maintain productivity off-site

Device agnostic software increases mobility by removing location dependency Requires long term planning and steep financial commitment

Software updates are painless and implemented at no cost to the customer, keeping you up to date with evolving technology In-house IT support staff must be hired to install and maintain the application infrastructure increasing costs.

Reliable IT support provided by Scout’s experienced support staff Longer integration and installation period leading to increased down time and reduced productivity

Information backed-up nightly to data center separate from our servers eliminating need for complex disaster recovery plans Added Responsibility for software security. Must be handled internally.

Setup and implementation is quick and easy providing a smooth transition while maintaining productivity Disaster recovery processes can be complex and expensive to execute leaving constant concern over loss of important data

All software maintenance is handled through Scout, minimizing IT costs and giving you peace of mind Large initial investment required leading to substantial loss if software doesn’t function as desired

99.9% uptime eliminates down time and keeps your company running smoothly and efficiently Physical space such as server and network rooms required to house on-premise software

Flexible solution able to grow with your company’s needs Software and hardware upgrades must be handled internally adding to the already inflated costs

Significantly more environmentally friendly than housing multiple servers and network rooms Expensive Support Costs due to onsite requirements.

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