Warehouse inventory management involves several functions. The basic warehousing function includes, receiving and sorting of the goods, dispatching to storage, placing in storage, retrieving from storage, accumulating orders, packing the orders, shipping the orders, and record-keeping of the goods.

Thus, main objective of the Warehouse Management System is to check the movement and storage of the goods from one place to another.

The implementation of a warehousing management system requires collection of data related to warehouse, goods or inventory along with the basic strategy for operating a warehouse. The implementation helps a company to give a quick delivery to their vendors and reduce labor cost as most of the part is handled through the warehouse inventory management software, and increases customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Warehousing Management System:

• Updates warehouse manager:
With the help of WMS, a warehouse manager gets updated with the status of the shipment, order completion, and re-scheduling of the shipment. As a result, customer satisfaction is increased.

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