We often talk about how easy topShelf is to implement and
use in your e-commerce business. Just what makes topShelf easy for the average
business to use?


  • Runs from
    smartphone or tablet
    : topShelf runs off of your smartphone or tablet.
    Because it’s running on familiar equipment, there’s less of a learning curve
    for most people to learn how to use it. Just pick up your phone and use
    topShelf just as you’ve used other apps.
  • User-friendly
    : The interface looks just like many other apps you’re familiar
    with and use all the time. Because it’s set up with a user-friendly interface,
    it takes less time to learn how to use it. Most people get the hang of it
    within an hour or less of using it.
  • Intuitive:
    Barcode scanning comes naturally to most people. Not only has nearly everyone
    seen how barcodes are scanned; they’ve probably scanned their own groceries at
    the store or checked prices using scanners at department stores. QRC codes have
    also made scanning with a smartphone a familiar task; you see those box-like
    codes in magazines, on package labels, and even on advertisements. It’s an easy
    leap from using phones to scan codes or take pictures to scanning inventory.
  • Cloud-based:
    Cloud-based platforms like topShelf store data on shared servers. You don’t
    need to install any special equipment or computers to run topShelf. Once the
    software is in place, you can begin using your existing computers to run
    topShelf and manage your inventory needs.
  • Seamless
    topShelf integrates easily with most major e-commerce
    platforms. Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, you name it, it integrates with it.
    This makes setup easy, too. You don’t have to worry about patches, third-party
    software or other ‘fixes’ to make it work. It works from day one because it was
    designed to work with many popular e-commerce platforms.



If this doesn’t convince you that topShelf is easy software
to use, visit us online and view some of the videos in our library. We’re happy to
answer any questions you may have about topShelf for e-commerce. Call us at 651.964.3259.


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