What is cloud-based inventory management, and, more importantly, why do you need it? We’ve got four good reasons.

What Is Cloud-Based Inventory Management - and Why Do You Need It? 1

Doesn’t it seem as if everywhere you turn these days,
business people and publications are talking about “the cloud?” What is
cloud-based inventory management, and, more importantly, why do you need it?

The cloud is simply a fancy name given to a service provided
by shared networking servers. These huge computers offer small businesses a
great deal of flexibility and resources that they may not otherwise be able to
afford. Cloud computing offers easy expansion, so that as your company grows,
you can add more computing power as needed. It’s accessible wherever and
whenever you have an internet connection too.

There are four great reasons to move your inventory
management system to the cloud:

Access data
easily from any internet connected device:
Cloud based inventory management
is accessed through any device that can connect to the internet. This means
that big, cumbersome scanners and scanning systems are no longer needed. You
can sync up your smartphone or other small, portable devices like a notebook to
the cloud and access your inventory data anytime and anywhere.

Reduce costs:
Because cloud services are shared, with heightened security to protect
sensitive data, there’s less cost involved. You don’t have to pay for
maintenance, upgrades, or service on the system. Your cloud storage fees or
software costs include all of these expenses. When added together, you’re
spending considerably less than if you had to buy all of the equipment and
maintain it yourself.

No maintenance
: You’re essentially renting
space rather than owning the equipment. This means that the owner, rather than
your business, is responsible for upgrades. Backups, improvements,
expansion…it’s all someone else’s job. No maintenance required.

Cloud storage is easily scalable so that as your inventory grows, your system
can grow along with it. You don’t have to worry about the IT end of things –
your cloud inventory management system does it all for you.

Less cost, fewer hassles, and better storage and
service….that’s what makes cloud inventory management systems so great for the
average e-commerce business owner. topShelf from Scout Software offers all the
benefits with none of the drawbacks of other inventory management systems. If
you’re not on the cloud yet, it’s time you joined it so that your business can
be competitive and profitable along with other cloud-based e-commerce


Learn more about topShelf from Scout Software, a cloud-based
inventory management system that makes your business run more profitably and
smoothly. Visit our online learning center for more information.

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