The concept of the truly “mobile” warehouse management
system is often meant to imply a web-based system, but that’s not entirely
accurate. True mobility reflects the new and improved software such as Scout’s
topShelf inventory management system. topShelf makes it easy to conduct all
your inventory tasks from one handheld device.

Apps that Transform Smartphones into Barcode Scanners

Today’s inventory management systems transform the average
smartphone into a barcode scanner. Your tablet or smartphone can be used to
access all inventory data, scan barcodes, check materials into receiving or out
of shipping, and much more.

Many older warehouse management systems are so complex and
data-intensive that they require special hardware to run them effectively, not
to mention staff dedicated solely to managing SKUs and data. With topShelf
inventory management, you’re no longer tied down to a single hardware platform
located in your offices. Cloud-based technology is a flexible way to store more
data with less hardware investment. You can access the data using your
smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere you like.

Easy Access for Sales and More

True mobility means that anyone in your company with
authorization to access warehouse data can do so regardless of their location.
A truly mobile system, for example, empowers your field sales team to check on
inventory and past orders while visiting customer locations. The data can be
accessed quickly and easily through their smartphones or tablets. Real-time
synchronization ensures that whatever data is changing at the warehouse is
updated throughout the entire system, so that an answer on stock levels given
to a customer is as accurate as it can be.

True Mobility with topShelf

from Scout Software offers true mobility. You’re no longer tied down to
cumbersome scanners, computers and more. Scan, transfer stock, check orders,
it’s all on your phone. To learn more about topShelf, visit our website or call
us at 651.964.3259.


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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