Smartphone Inventory Management Makes It Easy to
Control Warehouse Tasks

Smartphone inventory
management changes how you manage your warehouse. Take stock transfers, for
instance. In years past, to transfer items from one location to another, you
probably had to log onto your computer, initiate the transfer, then call down
to the warehouse to make sure it actually happened. Someone on the warehouse
end had to verify the transfer, and you may have had to wait a while before the
data flowed from the warehouse into your ERP system. It was easier than
completely manual methods, but not much more efficient.

With smartphone inventory
management, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner and
inventory control device all in one. It’s like having a tiny, powerful
inventory console right in your pocket. The easy-to-navigate app enables stock
transfers and mobile inventory control with the touch of a button. Order
transfers, replenishments, or go-backs easily and quickly using mobile controls
from your smartphone.

Cloud-Based Mobile Control Goes with You Wherever You
Can Make a Call

topShelf inventory management
software gives you mobile control wherever you can make a phone call. topShelf
uses the cloud, a system of networked servers that provide as much or as little
space as you need. As your business grows, the cloud can accommodate growth. If
your e-commerce business experiences seasonal supply and demand shifts, your
computer needs shift too, and the cloud covers it easily and seamlessly. It’s a
simple yet highly mobile way of managing your inventory.

True Mobility and Flexibility

Because topShelf runs off of
any Android or iOS smartphone, you choose the equipment that best suits your
business needs. You’re no longer locked into one vendor’s hardware if equipment
is lost, broken, or outdated. It’s true mobility and flexibility with powerful
software behind it.

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