Wave picking is literally ‘the wave of the future’ for e-commerce companies.

Wave picking is literally ‘the wave of the future’ for
e-commerce companies. Anyone who ships hundreds of items a day knows that pick,
pack, and ship can be time-consuming. Individual orders arrive in the
warehouse, and an employee must move from bin to bin, picking the right SKU’s
to bring to the packing table. There, another team packs and affixes shipping
labels. Depending on the size of your warehouse operation and the speed of the
picking team, this can be a major time-spend in your warehouse operation.

Wave picking changes all of that by organizing picks by
criteria that you set. Let’s say you have hundreds of orders per day for blue
widgets, but blue widgets are usually ordered with other items scattered
throughout your warehouse. With wave picking, you can have all the blue widgets
needed to fill today’s orders picked at once and brought to the packing station
in one batch. They can be sorted out there into each customer’s orders and
cross-checked against the shipping labels and invoices.

topShelf includes wave picking, and it’s making our
customers’ businesses so much more efficient. You can set the criteria for wave
picking in your own warehouse to be whatever makes the most sense to your
business – wave pick according to product, color, or shipping destination. It’s
all up to you.

Inventory management is so much more than reordering
products and taking inventory. It’s also the science of efficiency. When you
can save steps in a warehouse, you save time, and time is money. topShelf from
Scout Software offers a cloud-based inventory management system that’s so easy
anyone can use it right out of the box. You’ll find your entire operation runs
more efficiently once you use topShelf

Companies with $3 million or more in e-commerce sales will
find that topShelf offers many features they’re looking for in an inventory
software package. To learn more, please visit our website and review some of
the free demo videos


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