Do you want to be a warehouse manager? Or did you get promoted to a warehouse manager role? Well, you’re in luck! Today we’re putting together this guide with everything that you need to know about warehouse management training and securing a great job with a positive future.

There are many ways that you can go about training and becoming qualified as a warehouse manager. We’ll break it down for you. But first off, what is a warehouse manager?

What is a Warehouse Manager?

A warehouse manager can wear a number of different hats and have several different job descriptions. But they do have a lot of similarities, even if the job descriptions look different. Ultimately a warehouse manager is going to be responsible for implementing a warehouse management system and process. Depending on the type of warehouse you have and the orders that you regularly move from one place to another, these systems and processes can change.

Some of the most vital roles of a warehouse manager include regular communication with employees, ensuring schedules are taken care of and are up to date, and managing inventory. In some cases, you may work as a floor manager, and in others, as an office.

How To Become a Warehouse Manager?

If you’re looking to become a warehouse manager, we suggest that you focus on building up your warehousing chops. Courses on warehouse management will help you build up an understanding of everything that goes into a job like this.

It’s also smart to have some experience in the industry. While many warehousing companies will hire employees that have no experience, if you’re going to perform at your highest and best capacity, you’ll want to have a few years under your belt either as a warehouse picker or working in the packing department. Both roles will likely have a warehouse manager over them, and you could work towards becoming that manager.

Best Warehouse Management Courses

Warehouse worker and manager taking warehouse management course

Courses are a great way to learn more about the warehousing industry and brush up on the different industry terms. There are a number of leading companies that make awesome courses for the warehouse industry. Some of them are definitely better than others, but you can find lots of free and paid courses just by making a quick Google search. Beyond that, the best way to sort through and find top, quality courses is to look through the course reviews online.

Another great way to learn about the warehousing industry is to do some reading. By reading, you can find information on almost any topic. We recommend looking through blogs and other similar content sources. Check out our blog while you’re at it, and you’ll find tons of resources for warehouse and inventory management.

Here are a few great-looking courses that you can look into!

  • Free Warehouse Management Course + Diploma Alison
  • Warehouse Management Courses Udemy
  • Warehouse Management Course + Certification Technology Ed

What’s Included in Warehouse Management Courses?

When you do look for courses to take, you’ll find some different topics, but warehouse management courses will likely include the following topics. We’re laying them out here so that you know whether or not you should be taking a warehouse management course.

How to manage a warehouse effectively. If you’re going to be managing a warehouse, you’ll want to do it effectively and efficiently. A good course will walk you through some of the best practices and things that have worked for the person making the course. There are lots of different opinions on this, so don’t be confused if you hear a few different answers.

How to manage stock in your warehouse. Knowing when to order, where to place stock, and how to ensure that it gets into every order before it’s sent out is a challenge. Doing it well is even harder and will take either some experience or training to perform these tasks efficiently.

The three fundamentals of warehouse management. The three fundamentals of warehouse management include the inbound process, storage, and outbound process. If you didn’t already know about these terms and what they mean for the warehousing industry then taking a course that gives the 411 on it will probably be a huge help.

Software programs to help with inventory and employee management. Software programs offer huge advantages to the warehouse industry. Especially when it comes to inventory management and employee management. With the help of good software, you’ll be able to get away from manual content entry and be able to spend more time focusing on other work that better serves the warehouse as a whole.

Supply chain management. Knowing where your orders are in the supply chain is incredibly important and helps to ensure that everything stays on track. From time to time orders can get lost and inventory is expensive. It’s difficult to know whether an order gets lost, shipped to the wrong place, or is delayed from the factory. Knowing how to manage your supply chain is essential to successful warehouse management.

Are There Required Certificates to Become a Warehouse Manager?

Currently, there are no “requirements” to become a warehouse manager. Many of the individuals that work in these jobs don’t have specific training in warehousing. However, a study done by Wonolo shows that 59% of warehouse managers do have a bachelor’s degree in some field. While higher education does seem to make it more likely for you to be able to get a job as a warehouse manager, it definitely isn’t a requirement.

If you do have a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as supply chain management, logistics, business, or administration you are more likely to get an opportunity because each of those degrees offers a good amount of training that applies to the warehousing industry.

A lot of larger warehousing companies like Amazon and Walmart will offer on-the-job training where you can learn about their processes and the best ways to manage different elements. In some cases, you may want to pursue further training, but larger corporations will often have their own courses to help train up high-quality warehouse managers.

licensed and certified warehouse manager

Where to Look for Warehouse Management Jobs

Here are some of the best places that you can look for warehouse management jobs. These jobs are currently in high demand with a growing economy and a constant need for more e-commerce solutions. You’ll find that a lot of jobs posted online as well as on the companies websites. Here are some great places to look for warehouse management jobs.


Indeed has long been a great place to look for a new job. No matter the field you’re looking in, employers are constantly uploading new jobs and seeking talent on the Indeed platform. The interface online is easy to submit your resume to and helps you get the exposure you need. With Indeed you can apply to a job in minutes from anywhere in the country.


LinkedIn is another great place to look for a job. If you’re on LinkedIn it’s a good place to display the different accomplishments you’ve made in your career. Whether it’s all of your job history, promotions, certifications, degrees, or anything of that nature, it offers employers an opportunity to get to know you and learn what types of experience you have.


Facebook will sometimes have job postings from specific and larger-scale companies. Check the Facebook pages of different companies that you’re considering working for to see if they have a job posting attached to their page. This is a great way to connect with the company and see more of the culture based on some of the different things that they’re regularly posting on social media as well.


A quick Google search will take you to Google jobs where hundreds of thousands of listings from many different sites are posted. These job postings can be easily compared to help you make a better choice on the job that’s right for you. If you’re looking and not sure where to start, a few Google searches is never a bad idea.

If you’re already a warehouse manager or owner and find yourself looking for technology solutions that will help you make your warehouse more efficient, check out topShelf from Scout. We offer fully comprehensive inventory and warehouse management software solutions. Be sure to also check out our blog for more info on warehouse management, inventory management, and all things e-commerce.

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