Have a training plan ready for seasonal staff so that they can be productive from day one. These and other warehouse management tips from topShelf by Scout Software.

Warehouse management includes many business disciplines such
as inventory control, supply chain visibility, shipping and logistics, and
training and human resources. For those hiring seasonal workers and temps
during the holiday season, ensuring adequate training for your new hires is

Importance of
Training Seasonal Workers

It’s vitally important to train your seasonal workers just
as you would train new full-time employees. Here’s why:

  • Improved
    : Without adequate training, employees won’t be as productive
    as they could be. Even if they’ve worked in a warehouse before, every warehouse
    is different. You may have specific systems, methods of completing tasks, or
    other requirements for the job. Spending time showing someone the ‘right’ way
    of completing a task is important.
  • Safety:
    Warehouses can be dangerous places. Shelving units, ladders, forklifts and
    other equipment comes with a certain level of physical risk. Training someone
    in the correct way to lift heavy boxes, move a ladder, or other situations
    means less chance of an accident.
  • Efficiency:
    Your experienced warehouse workers know the most expedient ways to get a task
    accomplished. They can teach your newcomers the same methods to ensure
    efficiency. For example, swiping a barcode
    with a scanner
    or smartphone is easy, but there are efficient ways to move
    a scanner so that it takes just one swipe rather than two, three or more.

Best Employee
Training Methods

Employee training doesn’t have to be formal or lengthy. You
can pair seasoned employees with temps or new hires for a day or two so that
the newcomers learn by watching or completing tasks under the guidance of an
experienced worker. Formal, written policies and procedures are also helpful
when hiring newcomers. You can walk them through the steps for pick, pack and
ship, warehouse management tasks like receiving goods, or many other tasks with
a written procedure and example.

These warehouse management tips may help you complete a
successful and profitable holiday season. topShelf from Scout Software can be
part of that success. Learn more about our software online. Contact us or call 651-964-3259.


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