Sep 13, 2017

Going mobile with your inventory management may sound like big project? Do I need to engage with IT? What about existing legacy mobile scanners and WiFi network?

Here at Scout we have taken the approach with our "universal user experience" that one should be able to manage their business from their desktop or mobile device.

As we all know that going mobile or having a “mobile first” strategy has become a popular trend within the UX design and development communities. Scout has taken this approach where we offer you the ability to use any mobile device (Android, iOS, or a mobile barcode scanner) and apply our topShelf software application to manage your inventory. If you are looking to utilize existing mobile scanners with your existing WiFi network we can help as our application works on mobile devices.

Going mobile or utilizing your existing mobile devices should be easy. One might ask how does topShelf work or can it enhance the way you one does business with the most tedious tasks? A few items that we assist with are noted below…

  • Seamlessly integrate accounting, CRM systems, logistics software and e-commerce platforms
  • Set e-mail depletion and replenishment alerts
  • Customized forecasting feature to plan ahead and make smart business decisions
  • Detailed reporting functions including lot recall, asset summaries and cycle counts

The time to go mobile is now and implement a robust warehouse inventory management solution. Contact the Scout team to discuss additional questions or how we can help create a mobile first strategy for your organization. 651-964-3259

Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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