One of the many benefits companies enjoy after upgrading their inventory process to a more automated system is the significant amount of time saved.

Scout has even made a YouTube video where you can watch this benefit in action. Check it out here.
That video shows that by utilizing barcode scanning the days of ahving to check everything off for tracking purposes are long gone. Items are simply scanned and immediately go into the system. It isn’t just warehouses that are able to enjoy this benefit from upgrading to a barcoded system. A couple of professors at a university in Louisiana are doing something simliar with its “inventory.”
According to this article by Alex Ward in the school’s newspaper two assistant economic professors have begun to use a barcode scanner to keep track of class attendance. The article quotes a student that states how much time is saved as names are no longer called out at the beginning of class. These profsesors no longer have to check off on their sheets either.
Checking things off has certainly become archaic. Scout’s topShelf inventory management software features the very latest in barcode technology and eliminates the need to go through seemingly endless amounts of paper to keep track of your inventory. Saving time is just one of the many benefits that occur by upgrading to an automated system. Hundreds of customers all over the world have enjoyed an increase in both their efficiency and time saved. Scout’s solution to inventory control is a cloud based inventory management systems meaning updates are never downloaded or require a software upgrade – updates roll out automatically. Contact a Scout representative today at 651-964-3259 to learn more about the many ways Scout can improve your current inventory process.

Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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