Three reasons ecommerce business owners should consider switching to cloud based inventory management. These three reasons alone may be enough to switch to the cloud.

Cloud based inventory management is transforming ecommerce.
Greater efficiencies, better accuracy with inventory counts, improved
reporting, increased visibility – these are just a few of the many benefits of
cloud-based platforms.

But there are three reasons we think ecommerce business
owners will be especially interested in when they’re considering switching to
cloud based inventory management. These three reasons alone may be enough to
convince you to switch to the cloud.

Three Reasons Why
Cloud Based Inventory Management Rocks!

1. Mobility:
With cloud based inventory management systems, you can use your smartphone,
tablet, or other mobile device as your inventory management tool. Scan
barcodes, access stock counts, run reports all with the tap of a touchscreen.
Take your device with you when you visit clients, meet with vendors, and talk
to your warehouse team. It’s a truly mobile solution.

2. Automatic
: Cloud inventory management systems save your data to a shared,
secure server off your device. If your device’s hard drive crashes, your data
is still safe. It’s backed upon the cloud. Simply open another device and log
into your account. Cloud storage systems are backed up regularly and offer
excellent protection against data loss. It’s peace of mind for the busy
business owner.

3. Scalable:
Cloud based systems are scalable. Many ecommerce businesses are seasonal,
hiring more help around the holidays and reducing staff during their ‘off’
seasons. With cloud based inventory management systems, you can easily add
additional access or drop users from the system. There are no additional
software packages to buy or install on your equipment.

As you can see, cloud based inventory management systems
offer many benefits for ecommerce businesses. Efficient, scalable, portable,
reliable, secure, and affordable…. it’s a dream come true for any ecommerce

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