Mobile inventory management is the latest buzzword in the
ecommerce industry, but is it really something that will help you improve your
business? These three benefits of mobile inventory management should prove
beyond a doubt that “going mobile” isn’t just a fad – it’s a necessity.

Increased Access

topShelf transforms your tablet, smartphone or barcode
scanner into a mobile inventory management device. Everyone has access to the
entire warehouse management system, and can check inventory, stock status, and
order status through a simple, intuitive dashboard. This increased access
enhances productivity throughout your organization and reduces the time it
takes to complete routine tasks.

Cost Savings

Because topShelf runs on equipment you already have, it’s
likely to cost less than other mobile inventory management systems that require
expensive hardware purchases. And as you expand or add staff to accommodate
seasonal business needs, it’s simple and less expensive to add additional

Update and Upgrade

topShelf is a cloud-based mobile inventory management
system. This means that you access it through an internet connection. Because
you do not have to download the software to your own system, any upgrades to
the system happen behind the scenes, so to speak, on the servers where all of
the information is located. You can also upgrade easily, adding additional people
to the system and changing shopping carts, too. All aspects of system
maintenance and use are much easier with topShelf’s cloud-based system.


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