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The Next Evolution Of Scout, Merging With 3PL Central | Scout Inc.

The Next Evolution Of Scout, Merging With 3PL Central | Scout Inc.

Scout, Merging with 3PL Central

When I started Scout Software many years ago, my goal was to provide brands and retailers an easy-to-use warehouse management system (WMS) that freed customers from the headaches of managing traditional software. Little did I know that our software would be used by more than 200 customers around the world. At the time I started the business, most ecommerce businesses were doing simple fulfillment, shipping orders that were received from only one channel out of a single warehouse.

Fast forward 10 years. The world of omnichannel retail has emerged and consumer expectations have continued to grow. Brands and retailers now sell on more channels and increasingly use sophisticated fulfillment strategies. While in-house order fulfillment remains a key piece of most merchants’ shipping strategy, leading retailers are adopting intelligent order orchestration solutions and leveraging third-party- logistics (3PL) warehouses to supplement their company-operated warehouses. This helps them deliver orders faster, cheaper, and more reliably.

When I was recently approached by the team at 3PL Central regarding the potential of merging our businesses, I could immediately see that they are leading the market as they build the technology infrastructure required for the next generation of omnichannel commerce. The Skubana product, which does sophisticated order routing and shares more than 30 common customers with Scout made the deal attractive. But when I considered their shared expertise in warehouse management and that their software was the most widely used by 3PLs, the decision became an easy one.

Beyond their market-leading software, their commitment to investing in Scout and accelerating our growth sealed the deal. As part of 3PL Central, we will add to our development team, invest in better supporting our customers, and be able to market and sell our product more aggressively.

Finally, I wanted to quickly say “THANK YOU” to our loyal customers that have made this day possible. Without you, Scout would never have grown into the software company it is today. Please rest assured I’m not going anywhere. I have every intention of remaining part of 3PL Central’s growth story for the long haul.

To learn more about the acquisition and 3PL Central, read the full press release here.

Eric Luoma, Founder of Scout