Do you ever wonder how much poor inventory management costs your company? Accurate inventory management can help reduce expenses and increase profits.

Do you ever wonder how much poor inventory management costs
your company? Just take a look at your shrinkage and loss figures. These
represent how much you lose just on missing items alone. If you factor in lost
sales because you weren’t aware that your warehouse was out of stock on an
item, missed items during pick/pack/ship, and lag time in checking items in
through receiving, you’ve got an expensive problem.

Accurate inventory management can help you streamline your
inventory systems to reduce expenses and increase profits. When you manage your
inventory accurately, you can:

  • Order only what’s needed and avoid costly
    storage on excess inventory.
  • Provide better customer service by fulfilling
    orders quickly.
  • Improve profits by spending only on necessary
  • Reduce warehousing costs by storing fewer items
    and needing less floor space.
  • Assess what’s selling and what’s not.

Real-time data synchronization from your inventory
management system to your business systems also ensures that stock counts,
inventory levels and other vital business information are kept updated. There’s
no lag time to receive data, so what you’re viewing on your screen is precisely
what’s available in your warehouse.

topShelf from Scout Software provides a flexible inventory
management tool so easy to use that your entire team will be up and running in
no time at all. Print barcode labels and scan barcodes using your mobile
devices. Cloud-computing and real-time data synchronization make topShelf
incredible flexible and reliable for your business needs. It easily integrates
into nearly all shopping cart systems, and can integrate with BI, CRM, and ERP
systems, too.

Learn more about topShelf from Scout Software, a cloud-based
inventory management system that makes your business run more profitably and
smoothly. Visit our online learning center for more information.


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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