By a number of estimates, labor costs account for 50% of a warehouse’s total operating costs. Following are some ways to reduce labor costs without sacrificing performance:

  • Optimize the physical layout – Strategically placed storage and pick locations will reduce travel time and congestion. As business requirements change, companies need to reconfigure.
  • Streamline your operation – On a regular basis, review pick/pack/ship procedures to find out how productivity can be improved. If you have a high number of backorders, it’s time to look at inventory management practices.
  • Manage seasonal spikes – Temporary and part-time workers can help when demand is high. Distribute bonuses after the peak season is over to reduce employee turnover at a critical time.
  • Reduce turnover – Replacing an employee costs 1/3 of the employee’s salary. High turnover indicates lower productivity and low morale. Review hiring process and conduct exit interviews to improve retention rates.
  • Provide sufficient training – An effective training program is essential and should be an ongoing process. Cross-training employees will help a company to more effectively manage the workload.
  • Provide clear expectations and frequent feedback – Make sure employees understand what they should be accomplishing for the job or activity.
  • Measure employee performance – If an employee is not meeting reasonable expectations, he or she may need additional training.
  • Motivate and engage employees – Encourage open communication with employees and listen to their ideas. Provide incentives to increase production. Implement an employee recognition program to improve morale.

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