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We are continually innovating and bringing more convenience, flexibility and functionality to the Scout user experience. View our feature updates and maintenance announcements below.



Change Detail

10/21/2018 Admin Revamped Cycle Counting feature

  • Create specific counts for products/bins
  • Assigned cycle counts to specific users
10/21/2018 Mobile Revamped Cycle Counting feature

  • Updated to guide user to count specific items and bins
10/21/2018 Rest API
  • The Rate Limit has been reworked to be hourly
  • Fixed several column reference errors
  • Added greater than and less than filtering support to custom endpoints
  • Added “To Location” information to documents call
  • Added support for retrieving multiple records by ID in one call
3/18/2018 Admin
  • Label Print: option to choose a number of labels
3/18/2018 Mobile
  • Support for Parent Bin when adding inventory
  • Guided order pick performance improvements
  • Inventory move (Bin Move) – bug fixes
  • Wave Pick has been redesigned! All new look with better picking flow and discrepancy handling
11/12/2017 Admin
  • Web Import – Perform import tasks in from the new admin console
  • Tags – Apply tags to orders, parts and bins.
11/12/2017 API
  • Custom API Endpoints. Click here for more information
11/12/2017 Mobile
  • Bin Move 2.0 – New bin move page with improved functionality and consolidated pages
  • Minor improvements / fixes
8/13/2017 Admin
  • Introducing the new admin console beta for topShelf. Click the ‘Try New Admin Console’ when logged into the current admin portal. Click here for video
  • Wave Automation (New Admin Only)
  • Web Import (Beta)
8/13/2017 Mobile
  • General fixes and improvements
  • iOS printing issue resolved – requires app update
  • Add / Remove inventory fixes
  • New Wave Pick for mobile
5/21/17 General
  • General bug fixes and improvements
5/21/17 Mobile
  • New Receiving page – See Video for details
  • Updated Add and Remove inventory pages. See Video for detail
  • Added Changes to Packing
1/29/17 General
  • Added Support for Foreign Characters in the Locations Shipping Address Fields
1/29/17 Admin
  • Back Orders – Fixed issue where back order link was not showing on original order
  • Back Orders – Changed the prefix of back orders to ‘BO’ instead of ‘SO’
  • Document Templates – General improvements
1/29/17 Mobile
  • Changed auto timeout to 8 hours
  • Verification and Deliver – Improved field flow after save, clearing fields. Added a setting for clearing all when performing it for cartons. Clears doc number in addition to the carton
  • Shipping – Added print doc # label option
  • Order pick – fixed issue when scanning part
  • Work order – Added setting to redirect to previous page after pick
  • Work order – Added clearing of fields after saving
  • New Packing feature – Easily create cartons and print packing lists from this new feature
1/29/17 Device
  • New Single Bin Receiving – Allows user to only have to scan the receiving bin once. Can be toggled off to the original version
  • Non-Guided order pick – Fixed issue with discrepancy showing unexpected parts (finished ones)
  • Simplified updating – Now you can update your device version by navigating to ‘Tools – Update Device’ **Only available on device versions beginning with 2.0
  • Wave Pick 2.0 – Speak with your Scout rep for more details
1/29/17 Integrations Shopify


  • PartsAdded further logging to show that it failed to be created
  • Added an additional filter: when syncing open orders, it will only sync ones that are also unshipped
  • Skip orders which have a source name of “POS”
  • Fixed a bug with the notify customers function

Amazon FBA

  • Added support for syncing inventory levels from Amazon FBA warehouses
  • Sync fulfillment orders from Amazon into topShelf for picking


  • Added ability to choose what syncs from BigCommerce. Orders, Parts now separate options


  • Order filters now available: Fully paid only, Invoiced only, or sync all orders (no filter)
1/29/17 Customer Portal
  • Work Order – Fixed issue with UoM
  • Creating new work order – Fixed issue with the Finished Good not copying from WO Type to new WO
  • Creating new work order – Changed it to hide the disabled WO Types
8/21/16 General
  • Support for cancelled orders
  • Discrepancy improvements. On orders it will only show the most recent discrepancy.
  • Ability to lock a bin, preventing placing inventory in it or preventing taking inventory out of it or both
  • Bill of lading through mass docs (Carton level pick/pack lists)
  • Cascade delete cartons when deleting shipping transactions. If an order has tracking, you will no longer be required to delete the tracking number before deleting the order.
  • Auditing of who created a carton (tracking)
  • Technical counts will now include parts that are assigned as a put away bin, even if the QTY is 0.
  • Ability to create a back order from the unfulfilled lines of an order, completing the original order. Currently only supported by TopShelf standalone but if interested please contact us about turning it on.
8/21/16 Mobile App
  • New setting for hiding the “Add All Remaining Parts” button found on the carton edit page of Shipping
  • Added support for having multiple part labels and item labels. Speak to your support rep for details!
  • Wave Pick on the mobile app is here!
  • Added the ability to print pick / pack lists on the Shipping page.
8/21/16 Device
  • New setting for requiring cartons when picking
  • Carton dropdown now shows as Carton Number – Created By
8/21/16 Portal
  • New feature: Mass add details on sales orders. Provides a table of parts to add multiple lines to order at once
1/31/16 Mobile App
  • Order Pick 2: Added display of the parent bin in addition to the child bin to pick from
  • New setting to show part description during blind cycle count
  • Support for providing expiration date during add client inventory with lot parts
1/31/16 Device
  • Allowed kit building of QTYs < 1
  • Kit break auditing
  • Allow for case sensitive Bin names if needed
1/31/16 Rest API
  • New!
    For information on what this add-on is and how to use it, please see the documentation for it at https://docs.topshelf.apiary.io/. If you are interested in using it, please speak with your Scout sales representative about pricing.
10/4/15 Admin
  • Unit of measure support in Work Orders, Work Order Types, and Pre Lines
  • New Receiving Transaction Fields for Purchase Orders: Payment Method, Payment Terms, Currency and Ship Type
  • New Shipping Transaction Fields: Shipping Paid and Tax
  • Added Client Vendors to Client Record. This is filters which vendors a client can see when using the customer portal
  • Additional Fields available in Document Templates: Current Date, Total Ext Unit Price (Document Total) and Clean Client/Location fields for Salesforce users (removes Salesforce ID)
  • Asset Moves are now audited in the admin console
  • Work Order now has the option to produce a finished good. Also Finished Good is defined in the Work Order Type
  • Expanded dynamic kit quantities to allow minimum, maximum, and default dynamic quantity. Chosen dynamic quantities are now stored between sessions
  • Added per-process default unit of measure. Order picking, receiving, bin move, add inventory, remove inventory, label printing, kit building, and work orders. This is found on the part record/Unit of Measure section
10/4/15 Mobile
  • Lot Lookup sorts by newest first, unless LIFO/FIFO or Perishable
  • Added setting to be able to turn Technical Count into a Blind Count i.e. it hides expected counts
  • Added support for the Linea Pro Scanners
  • Break Kits Available on Mobile!
  • Changed Unit of measure selection to be a dropdown on page instead of pop-up
10/4/15 Customer Portal
  • Added Unit of Measure support in Work Orders, Shipping and Receiving
  • Added Ship Date and Expected Delivery Date to shipping transactions
  • Part search lookup box size increased
  • Support for client vendors
  • Fixed issue when adding parts to a transaction where part description would appear blank
10/4/15 Shopify Integration
  • Added further logging to show when part fails to get created in topShelf
  • Added an additional filter: when syncing open orders, it will only sync ones that are also unshipped
  • Skip orders which have a source name of “POS”
  • Fixed a bug with the notify customers function
10/4/15 Channel Advisor Integration
  • Fixed issue where part records created by CA could not be deleted in topShelf.
10/4/15 System
  • Moved from 128 to 256 bit encryption
6/28/15 Admin
  • Added part description to re-order points search and edit pages and the on-hand qty of the part to the search page
  • New label configuration manager: Choose your label template from a list of options
  • If you are logged in as the main admin user, access the integration manager from the Admin tab
6/28/15 General
  • Improved support for time zone compatibility.
6/28/15 Integration
  • Volusion integration is here! Pulls products and orders to topShelf, pushes tracking numbers to Volusion. Speak with a Scout rep for more details.
  • Zen Cart integration is here! Pulls products and orders to topShelf, pushing updated quantities to Zen Cart. Speak with a Scout rep for more details.
  • Bigcommerce integration is here! Pulls products and orders to topShelf, pushing updated quantities and tracking numbers to Bigcommerce. Speak with a Scout rep for more details.
6/28/15 Mobile / Device
  • New order pick screen for device and mobile: This new order pick simplifies the picking process. Customers who prefer the old method may contact Scout support to have the old method re-enabled. This feature uses the bin pick order function (known previously as Wave Pick Order) when ranking bins.
  • New feature: Not Found Review: Used in review of inventory marked as “Not found” by new order pick
  • Asset custom fields: Added support for providing these during add client inventory or during fulfillment of a receiving transaction.
  • Check in / check out improvements: Added support for locking a user to a bin and a type
  • Cycle count improvements: Counting can now be done in three ways: inputting total quantity of part, inputting quantity to add to existing count, or scan each part individually to add single part to count. The default method is inputting total quantity of part. Please contact Scout support if you wish to use one of the other methods.
  • Added support for allowing a user to mark a work order as verified
6/28/15 Portal
  • Added support for viewing shipping transactions from integrations if the integration provides the source warehouse of the order.
3/22/15 Admin
  • Time Zone compatibility. Set your local time zone in the ‘My Account’ area in the topShelf admin page
  • Web Quantity change audits. Now when you manually change a QTY of a product in the admin console an audit is recorded.
  • Mass Docs update: Fixed issue with page breaking in orders that are more than 1 page. Also fixed minor issues in the Document Template interface.
3/22/15 Integration
  • Magento integration is here! Full integration that pulls orders and products from Magento. Also pushes on hand QTY back to the magento store
  • Shipping Easy integration added. Pull orders from Shipping easy to be fulfilled with topShelf. Or push orders from topShelf to Shipping Easy to be shipped! Speak with a Scout rep for more details
3/22/15 Mobile
  • Mobile printing browser plug-ins added. This fixes an issue with recent Google Chrome/Firefox updates that prevented users from printing with the mobile.scoutsft.com page using their web browser. You will be prompted to install the plugin when printing from the website.
01/18/15 Admin
  • Mass Documents – Print pick and pack lists in bulk. View video here
  • Search pages – Checkboxes added for use with mass docs.
  • Split Work Order Scheduled Date and Time into 2 separate fields
01/18/15 General
  • Order Verification and Delivery. View video here
  • Check in Check out now supports check out to client
  • SNAP 2.0 is here! New features include:
  • Now packaged in an installer to make installation easier
  • Export Filters. Filter the data based on date, part name, etc.
  • Include column headers. No longer do you need to remove the column headers when importing a csv. SNAP will now also match the column headers to the appropriate field mapping.
  • New Job Types: Delete, Print, FTP.
  • Job groupings
  • Scheduled Jobs. Schedule your jobs to run on a specified timer.
9/28/2014 Admin Console
  • Added support for modifying the Add / Remove Reason Codes choices
  • Reporting System Update
  • Chain Building and Cycle Counting are now accessible from the Admin portion of the menu
  • Work Order Type custom fields allow providing a default value and setting it as requiring a value always, on close only, or never
  • Added support for undoing a Work Order pick
  • Added Date Created, Date Updated, Signature Name, and Signature Date/Time to the Work Order edit screen.
  • Updated the Home screen’s design to show more recent transactions
  • Work Order Statuses now support indicating a status as “New”
  • Work Order and Work Order Types now support a total of 20 text custom fields and 4 numeric custom fields
  • Added support for relating WOs with Master Docs
  • Added support for auto-generating a Master Doc’s Doc Number
  • Added cloning functionality to WO Types
  • Added WO and WO Type data sources to the list of choices when creating a report
  • Added missing WO Pick and Lot Remove portion of Lot History Report
  • New Reorder Points
  • Various other minor bug fixes
  • Security Enhancement: A user can no longer be logged into multiple PC’s with the same username
9/28/2014 Mobile (MOE)
  • Added option to select a reason code when performing Add / Remove Client Inventory
  • Added Check In/Out (*requires additional fee, contact sales for information)
  • When working with Assets in Remove Client Inventory, Asset Move, Work Order, or Order Pick, it will no longer ask for a part or from bin
  • Updated the Work Order interface
  • Part Lookup now shows Part Description in addition to the name
  • Added a lookup for Admins to see an overview of orders
  • Various other minor bug fixes
9/28/2014 iOS App
  • We have an update coming shortly with improved support for scanning, including providing the functionality of an “Enter” key at the end of the scan.
9/28/2014 Client Portal
  • Broad change in design to add support for mobile browsers and devices. Added new functionality including support for WOs while maintaining past functions. Added new permissions for existing functions to provide more granular control over what a user can and cannot do.
9/28/2014 Device (Handheld Scanners)
  • Speak with a Scout rep for instructions on how to update scanners with new device software.
  • Added the option to select a reason code when performing Add / Remove Client Inventory
  • Added Check In/Out (*requires additional fee, contact sales for information)
  • Added Put-Away bins display for a given part to Add Client Inventory
  • Added new permissions for the Tools and My Tasks menu items
  • Various other minor bug fixes
9/28/2014 General System
  • Added support for cascade deletion of Receiving Transactions, Shipping Transactions, and WOs. When you delete the header of one of these records, it will delete the lines first if none of them have been picked / received and then finish deleting the header.
6/29/2014 Admin Console
  • Added “Select All” and “DeSelect All” to Cycle Count Commit page
  • Fixed issue with ‘Show Depot Client/Location’ checkbox not filtering properly.
  • Fixed scroll positioning
  • Fixed issue where when adding a new line to an order, status would be reset to ‘Open’
  • Moved to https SSL security
  • Fixed Expected Delivery Date display
  • Fixed disappearance of Client/Location lookups on save
  • Added ‘Remove’ events to the audit reports
6/29/2014 Admin (Reporting)
  • Added more barcode options when creating reports in the report writer (Small, Medium, Tall, No text)
  • Added ability to create Charts/Gauges
6/29/2014 Mobile (MOE)
  • Added setting Inventory_Require_Location for 3pl clients using mobile
  • Field focus issue resolved
6/29/2014 iOS App (requires app update from iTunes)
  • Focus now pops up keyboard to allow for better scanning capability with Bluetooth scanners.
  • Improved camera function for scanning barcodes.
  • Fixed NSURLErrorDomain -999 issue
6/29/2014 Client Portal
  • Allow for clients to view asset (SN) products.
  • Sets location as active when creating a new ship to location
  • Fixed adding multiple lines on order create page
6/29/2014 Device (Handheld Scanners)
  • Speak with a Scout rep for instructions on how to update scanners with new device software.
  • Kit request search: Show all open, by date or by part
  • Hammer Scan(Order Pick): When using scan to pick the PN dropdown menu no longer has to be toggled to allow for faster scanning.
  • Item Move: Changed the PN field to a combobox
6/29/2014 Integration Manager
  • Allows for customers to manage certain information with their integration (Shipstation, Channel Advisor, Quickbooks) Navigate to integrations.scoutsft.com and log in with your main admin credentials.
6/29/2014 SNAP
  • Added Unit of Measure as an import option
  • Added SalesOrdersWithLines data type for combined order import. Previously used so template and document detail template separately.
04/13/2014 Admin Console View/Add Buttons:

  • Added view and add buttons to many locations on the admin page. This will allow the user to view/add the related object without navigating away from that page. Example: When creating a shipping transaction you can now add the Ship to client right from the ‘create shipping’ page.

Search Pages:

  • When closing a popup window (i.e. part record), the original page behind it will automatically refresh
  • Added field to indicate if the part is a kit, and also if the part is a child part of a kit.
  • Added hyperlink on part search and bin search page to view inventory of that part (View Lot Inventory, View Assets, View Items)


  • Added a button for opening a page to “move” items to a new bin

System Message:

  • topShelf will now display a system notification message upon login if your license is set to expire soon.
  • topShelf will now display a system notification message about upcoming system maintenance when logging in.

Drop Down Boxes:

  • Changed character Encoding, now support special characters.



  • Added field ‘Expected delivery date’
  • Upon editing a line, the new line footer goes away until that line is saved or the save is canceled
  • When viewing line detail for an asset or lot, the SN or LOT number is now a link to the related asset/lot


  • Added link to view user group on user edit page. Also added column on search users/groups pages.
04/13/2014 Mobile (MOE) Part Lookup:

  • Cross References should be turned on by default. Fixed

Child Bin Move:

  • Added auditing (found in reporting)

Page Update

  • Framework update: improved overall performance

Help Section:

  • Help section added to pages in mobile interface. Click Help to see help topic for that specific page.
04/13/2014 Device (Handheld Scanners) General:

  • ESC key on device keypad will now close the form you are currently on. There is a setting that can be configured to change this to select ‘done’ instead of ‘close’.
  • Ability to change grids via setting. Done by Scout support.

Order Pick:

  • Bin grid on bin or SN text box focus. This will show you where you can find the product if you have it in inventory. Replaces paper pick list.
  • Added a setting that hides the info button
  • PickList on open with a setting or through the bin lookup spyglass
  • Warns when you open an order not meant for your locked warehouse location
  • Fixed a bug where it still shows the message invalid bin when we are not asking for a bin for assets
  • Lookup Items uses a setting to set the grid

Discrepancy Page:

  • Fixed bug where it doesn’t show all lines
02/09/2014 Shipstation Integration
  • No longer overrides ‘Vendor’ in topshelf
02/09/2014 Quickbooks Integration
  • Add new mapping of QB Ship Date to topShelf Ship Date
  • Add new mapping of QB Expected Date to topShelf Ship Date
  • Add new mapping of QB Expected Date to topShelf Expected Delivery Date
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