To make sure that your inventory management software meets the definition of seamless integration, look for the following.

Seamless integration is the goal of every software
integration. Making sure that your inventory management software works well
with your ecommerce applications, as well as your ERP or other accounting and
business software, is absolutely essential.

To make sure that your inventory management software meets
the definition of seamless integration, look for the following:

  • History of
    : Many software systems claim to integrate well with ecommerce
    platforms but in actuality, require extensive customization to work correctly
    with certain platforms. Look for inventory management software that has a good
    track record of integration with your chosen e-commerce platform.
  • Streaming data:
    One of the benefits of an integrated ecommerce system is the streamlined way in
    which data moves from between your inventory management system and other
    systems. Data should stream easily to and from your inventory management
    software and e-commerce system without delays or problems.
  • Good customer
    The vendor supplying the inventory management software should
    provide excellent customer support. This means both pre- and
    post-implementation support including answering questions, providing training
    and helping you troubleshoot any potential snags.


topShelf from Scout Software offers all this and more. We’ve
developed our software so that it integrates with all of the major e-commerce
players from Amazon to Shopify and everything in between. Because it was
developed, tested and tried with most e-commerce platforms, we know that the
integration power it offers is a good value for the business owner.

If you own an e-commerce business and have been looking for
an inventory management tool that offers seamless integration, topShelf is for
you. With its simple installation and easily learned system, anyone can unpack
topShelf and start using it within the day. Cloud-based software management
offers excellent service and access wherever you have an internet connection.
It’s the perfect software for a growing e-commerce business.

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