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3PL Central, Scout, Skubana, And CartRover Combine To Become Extensiv | Scout Inc.

3PL Central, Scout, Skubana, And CartRover Combine To Become Extensiv | Scout Inc.

3PL Central, Scout, Skubana, and CartRover Combine to Become Extensiv 

Last August, when 3PL Central announced the acquisition of Scout, we felt it was an important extension to our product portfolio. At the time, we had 3PL Warehouse Manager, which is the industry leader in warehouse management systems (WMS) built specifically for the needs of 3PLs, but we didn’t have an equivalent offering for brands who perform in-house fulfillment. We recognized that most brands, in addition to working with 3PLs, operated at least one warehouse, and Scout was a critical piece of their needs.  

We also recognized, as important as topShelf is to your operations, it is part of a larger ecosystem that is painful for brands to navigate as they scale their operations. In the early days of building a brand, it seemed that every system you implemented was a band aid. For growing merchants, it seemed every year brought the need to migrate to a new, supposedly more powerful, software. Every one of these migrations resulted in distraction, expense, disruption, and retraining.  

When we were formulating our strategy, these migrations and implementations were the problem 3PL Central aspired to solve. We asked ourselves how we could make it easier to progressively adopt new software capabilities using the data that already exists in Scout. Our vision is to make fulfilling from multiple warehouses or selling on multiple marketplaces as easy as buying an iPhone case on Amazon.  

Today we are announcing the unification of our offerings under the Extensiv brand. What we are announcing is much bigger than a brand consolidation. We are committed to building a platform that meets the needs of brands from their first year in business, through rapid sales growth, until they are delivering from a dynamic, multi-node fulfillment network. In addition to building enhanced software, we’ll make it easier to evaluate and buy 3PL services from our 3PL Warehouse Manager customers. This means you’ll be able to go from solely shipping out of your own warehouse to a world of a geographically diversified network of fulfillment nodes. 

In short, Extensiv is a brand built to connect brands like yours with the 3PLs that help them deliver for consumers in a new, frictionless model. We are building 3PL capabilities that are natively integrated with Scout (now Extensiv Warehouse Manager) and Skubana (now Extensiv Order Manager) and are available for brands to evaluate and buy in a transparent, digital- first experience.  

In the near term, Scout will retain its original branding but will call out the connection to Extensiv in the logo. As the year progresses, we will deeply integrate the technology, unify the login experience across products, and rebrand everything as Extensiv. By the end of the year, we will phase out the Scout branding, and our existing products and websites and will operate entirely under the Extensiv brand. 

Moving forward, we understand that a big up-front investment is a barrier to adoption. The Extensiv platform is designed for companies to progressively adopt at a low cost and with limited implementation effort. We will serve your needs for the lifecycle of your brand, integrate with your accounting systems, and help you avoid the painful migration to an ERP that will cost a fortune and stifle your innovation. 

We hope you will take the time to explore the Extensiv website, read the press release, and contact your CSM if you would like to learn more about the other offerings in the Extensiv portfolio.