Stillwater, MN (Scout Headquarters)

Scout, Inc. announced today that it has added a dynamic kitting function to its topShelf Warehouse and web based inventory management Software System’s Kitting module. Dynamic kitting allows manufacturer’s to continually add raw materials to a work order until the process has enough material to complete the finished good and then consume the amount that was actually used to create the kit*. In addition, the warehouse associate can keep pulling material without having to create additional picks within a warehouse. This new feature will also prove very useful for environments that utilize Kanban or where materials used are not directly related to the quantity being produced, but instead are used in varying quantities. “Dynamic Pick has been a feature that our manufacturing and food customers need, allowing them to continually add materials to a work order without creating extra paperwork.” Now, they can pull any materials on an as needed basis and return the unused portion to its storage location, or allocate them to another job,” says Eric Luoma, CEO of Scout.

Founded in 2002, Scout, Inc is a leader in subscription based supply chain management software for warehouse management, route accounting, RFID applications and e-commerce. Scout’s suite of software enables businesses to implement enterprise solutions quickly using their existing internet connection.

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