Mar 09, 2018

In today's e-marketplace, people can place orders at any time of the day.Orders are coming in and they need to be fulfilled and shipped. Fulfillment can be the most time consuming step in the order process and it is the greatest outlay of manpower.Optimizing your fulfillment process can get your orders out quicker and keep your customers happier.Time spent organizing the process will aid in the flow and efficiency of your warehouse.

We listed four key concepts that will aid in your fulfillment:

Layout of your warehouse

The first step in optimizing your fulfillment process is the layout of your warehouse. An organized bin and shelving system can make all the difference. Designating an efficient naming convention for your shelves and bins can aid a picker in finding a product quickly when directed by a Warehouse Management System (WMS). The naming convention should be laid out in a logical order so someone who has never been in your warehouse before, possibly a temp, can find a location easily. Is the most frequently purchased product positioned effectively?


Making sure your warehouse is organized and neat is a must. Clutter around the shipping area and in the bin locations can make finding a product more difficult and shipping orders cumbersome. Keep the bins organized, product neatly arranged and visible. Training your workers to keep the warehouse this way can be difficult, but worth it in the long run. The shipping area should be laid out with an uncluttered table and easy access to shipping materials.

Defined process for picking orders

Are you picking orders one at a time, grouping orders together and having them picked all at once?If you are picking orders one at a time, assigning, or splitting the orders the warehouse staff must follow a specific process to achieve efficiency.If you are grouping orders to be picked together, grouping them by part or warehouse zone can speed up the process as well.

The right Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Having the right warehouse management system can save time and manpower by tracking where inventory is.What orders have been picked and by whom?A great WMS will take orders in and guide the picker through the warehouse in a logical order.This can take a lot of the guess work out of order picking and save time and create efficiency in your order picking process.


Optimizing your fulfillment process through a comprehensive strategy will aid your business in the long run. The right WMS will make the picking and shipping process more efficient and ultimately save you time and money.

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