If youve
hesitated about changing to barcode scanner inventory software for your
business needs because you were afraid of the learning curve, theres good news. Most of your
employees can learn the basics of using barcode scanner inventory software
within an hour or two, and will use this technology competently and effectively
within a day. Its a short
ramp-up that leads to faster adoption, quick competency, and a noticeable
difference in your business operations.

Using Scanners

Scanners are easy for most people to use. Once you demonstrate
how to open the software on a smartphone, tablet or basic barcode scanner, its a simple process that is similar
to opening up any app on the phone.

Its important
to demonstrate for employees the simple swiping motion that most scanners
respond to. At first, employees may bring the scanner too close to the barcode,
or swipe too slowly or quickly. They may need you to model the best method of
swiping and scanning before they pick up on it themselves.

Inventory Software That’s Intuitive and Easy to Use

Choosing topShelf
inventory software means you get a great combination of robust warehouse and
inventory management software for your ecommerce business and a simple,
intuitive dashboard that youll
pick up on in no time at all. Since its cloud-based, it looks and feels like many of the familiar
websites youre used to
already, making the learning curve much shorter for this software than for

Accurate Data Is a Scan Away

Due to its user friendliness, companies can purchase topShelf and
start using it within weeks of our initial implementation. For more information
about topShelf, visit Scout Software’s
online learning
library, or contact us to learn more.
Call 651.964.3259.


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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