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As the holidays approach your business needs to prepare for product returns. You can implement a no hassle return policy, but returns and their costs are part of doing business.

At Scout, we are here to help you manage your inventory. Implementing a process that minimizes errors will ensure that your warehouse and shipping processes are ready for the busy holiday season. Extend inventory management to your warehouse with our best practices and our topShelf cloud-based solution.

  • Minimize inevitable post holiday returns by ensuring your orders go out with a high level of accuracy using mobile barcode scanning.

Implementing a barcode scanning process during order picking can drastically reduce errors for outbound shipments. Many companies have also implemented a secondary scan before the product goes into the box as a final check. If possible, split up the duties of picking and packing to separate employees to ensure the order gets a fresh set of eyes during the secondary scan

  • Scan and organize a returns area in your warehouse. Get merchandise back on the shelf fast, repackage, or reduce prices to move products.

Returned inventory can come in a variety of states. Set up bin locations for ‘ready to resell’ if the packaging is intact. Other bins can be set up for products that need to be repackaged, etc.

  • Return products in your inventory management software. Returned inventory needs to be accounted for and verified.

Ideally you can have an ‘expected return’ order in your inventory system. This way, when the product shows up, the warehouse staff can scan the inventory against that expected return order to verify that the product has in fact been returned by the customer. This can kick off refund or other return related processes as well.

  • High value returns – use topShelf warehouse management to ensure that the correct serial numbers are returned.

When customers are returning high value inventory, such as an iPhone, you want to make sure that they are sending the correct product back. With topShelf Inventory Management, you can specify the expected serial number on the return order. When the product arrives, this is validated by a barcode scan to ensure that the correct unit was sent back (and not an iPhone 4)

Returns can be costly. Having a solution that aligns with an internal process that scans barcodes that are sold or returned will help minimize these inevitable costs of eCommerce. Contact Scout today as we will help you reduce back-end costs, validate/verify orders, create efficiencies in the warehouse, and help your business reduce returned products.

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