Magento Integration with topShelf: A Perfect Fit 1

More than 200,000 companies use Magento to power their ecommerce
sites. Magento integration with topShelf is one of the big questions we get
asked about our software. Wed
like to take a moment to share with you some of the highlights of Magento
integration with topShelf.

A Perfect Fit: Magento Integration

Magento is a powerhouse among eCommerce sites. It offer
flexibility, responsive design and integration with many third-party
applications. When it comes to topShelf, Magento integration is also seamless.

When topShelf is integrated with Magento, youll be able to see updated warehouse
quantities in real time. Data flows quickly from your ecommerce site into your
databases so that you always have your fingers on the pulse of the warehouse.
You can transfer stock, update quantities, or reorder before the day is out.

Another benefit of Magento integration with topShelf is the
ability to pick, pack, and ship orders received right from Magento into
topShelf. No more printing orders out, running them into the warehouse, and
manually entering shipping information into a computer. Now it all moves
without anyone spending extra time on manual data entry, a real plus during
your busiest ecommerce seasons.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Up to the minute product inventory makes it so much easier to
alert customers when quantities are getting low. The more you can advise
customers on warehouse quantities and shipping dates, the happier theyll be. Happy customers are often
return customers, helping to grow your business through repeat orders.

topShelf and Magento go together like peas and carrots. Its a good match for your growing
ecommerce business.

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