When managers oversee an in-house inventory system, they have one main concern that must work as well as possible: communication. From the database being maintained for all transactions to the dedicated computer application then ultimately to the people at both ends who either enter the numbers or withdraw the numbers on reports – all must communicate through concise channels that have been expertly designed and improved. They must share the same language.

Once a comprehensive operations and sales program has been designed and applied to the specific business structure, managers and owners need an interface that is fluid for both the entry of information at every level and the acquisition of needed numbers by executive personnel. Another option used by many firms is to employ an external demand/supply firm that analyzes the efficiency and productivity of the inventory system and makes necessary improvements – again using the coordinated and comprehensive software system. Executive control is maintained and policy is adjusted from the top down, where it needs to come from.

This coordinated planning requires implementation as a platform that runs first in parallel with any and all preceding systems and then once this double-entry period is exhausted and all levels of the company have learned their authorized tasks in the new platform, then all old practices must be discontinued completely.

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