Inventory Management Software has greatly improved one of the most difficult tasks of running

an online ecommerce business and that is inventory.

Gone are the days of having to manually keep tabs of what is or is not in stock and gone are
the countless hours trying to figure how trends and the frustration of not being able to fill orders.

Now thanks to the internet and wireless barcoders the job can be as simple as one, two,three.

You can now know what is in stock in realtime, identify exactly what is in stock, automatically remove items that are no longer in stock and takes nots of items that have been frequently purchased and sends an alert to the inventory manager that there is a buying or selling trend happening in the inventory.

Gone are the days of running out of the products that you selll the most and in comes the
ability to forecast exactly the needs of your business so that you don’t over stock or under
stock any specific items.

This is key in our new current economic environment, you see we get your pain and that
was a pain we experienced ourselvers which was why we developed our software the way
we did so that we can maximize our inventory and reduce our expenses.

What good is your online store if you can’t process orders and we get that, we have helped you, the business owner, increase your profits, reduce your expenses and increase your productivity.

Plus we have made it drop dead simple to use and we even have an online university to help you with every step to ensure that you and your team understand how the inventory software works, we have taken the guess work out of the warehousing software marketplace.

Give us a call to setup a free demo and we will show you how simple our program can be and how effective our software can be for your business our number is 651-964-3259 or visit us at


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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