During the holiday season, inventory management software that’s easy to use saves training time. Learn more about topShelf from Scout Software.

When it comes to buying inventory management software for
your business, user-friendly software is a ‘must’ for fast onboarding and
adoption. A few weeks ago, a customer told us that our software is ‘so easy, everyone
can use it right away!’ and we’ve been thinking about that phrase ever since.

This is the time of year when many of our customers hire
seasonal and temporary help. The holidays usually bring a rush of new orders
into the typical e-commerce business.
After the holidays, most warehouses conduct year-end
inventory to prepare their year-end balance sheets.

It’s a busy time of year
and hiring seasonal and temporary help can be stressful. Not only do you have
to find the right people, but they have to be trained to use your inventory
management software, barcode scanners, and other equipment inside the

topShelf from Scout Software is an inventory management
software that is so easy to learn that everyone can pick up and learn it in an
hour or two. Our software uses your smartphone, tablet, or existing barcode
scanners as portable inventory management devices. Swipe, scan, and you’re
done; there’s no guesswork or manual entry involved.

Swiping barcodes with a scanner comes naturally to most
people. Most of the temps walking into your warehouse have already used a
self-service scanner at the local grocery store, for example, and they
understand how to swipe a scanner over a barcode to ensure it’s read. You may
need to teach them some tricks to ensure they can swipe and scan with fewer
motions, or without arm strain, but it’s something they can pick up on quickly.

topShelf integrates seamlessly with
Magento, Volusion, Shopify and many other popular ecommerce platforms. With the critical holiday season approaching,
it makes sense to add topShelf to your business, especially since it is so easy
for temps and seasonal workers to learn.

Scout Software offers many resources on our website to help you determine if topShelf is right for your business. Please
take a moment to review our library of videos and other information. Then contact us or
call 651-964-3259.


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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