Integration with CRM and ecommerce Platforms Helped This Athletic Apparel Company “Go the Extra Mile”

Those who compete in triathlons give the sport their all.
They train for months, if not years, to compete in three grueling, back-to-back
events. In order to compete successfully, they must have the right gear for the
job. This includes clothing, footwear, accessories, and nutritional products to
fuel their adventure.

Our client is an ecommerce seller of sports clothing,
equipment and supplies, and specializes in the triathlon niche. They needed
help with the integration of their ecommerce, and shipping systems into one
platform that provided end-to-end visibility. topShelf accomplished this and
more with ease.

The Client

The client is an ecommerce seller of athletic clothing,
footwear, supplies such as competition bicycle helmets and gloves, and
nutritional support for athletes.

The Problem

The client’s company needed integration between their
ecommerce platform and CRM system. They wanted a system that would help them
identify shrinkage and streamline end-to-end inventory management.

The Solution

topShelf from Scout Software provided exceptional support
and accurate integration with the company’s CRM system and ecommerce platform.
Barcode scanners on mobile devices enhanced accurate scanning and mobility,
while alerts helped them keep their inventory levels sufficient to fulfill
orders. Wave picking was introduced into the company with great success,
increasing efficiencies and helping them ship orders faster.

The Results

Not only did the company have more accurate inventory
counts, but real-time synchronization between their ecommerce and CRM systems
helped them improve order visibility, customer service, and inventory
management. Status alerts on transaction and reorder point alerts also helped
them improve their shipping and fulfillment systems. Wave picking was a big hit
and improved efficiency too.

The client is very satisfied with topShelf from Scout
Software and feels it will ‘go the extra mile’ for their triathletes, providing
better service and enhancing their sales. If you’d
like to learn more about topShelf from Scout Software and are growing your
ecommerce business past the $5 million mark, we’d like to invite you to visit
our website to learn more. topShelf is
the inventory management system of choice for retailers worldwide. Visit Scout Software to learn


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