Sep 12, 2018

Technology is a daily use for most or all consumers but how can it impact your business? We provided some information that one should keep in mind.

What Problems Are We Trying to Solve?

Before looking at any technology, one must first identify the business pain points and how a new solution can address these issues. If an organization aims to improve efficiency, how will integrating a specific tool help accomplish this goal? By asking this question for each objective, it will be much easier to conceptualize short and long-term transformations.

Will The Technology Work With My Existing Systems?

Most businesses have certain mission critical systems they depend upon to complete daily tasks. It’s unlikely these solutions will be completely ripped and replaced at one time, but may be enhanced to supplement capabilities. When adding a new solution to your environment or adding to existing ones, you must ask how it will be integrated and if anything needs to be changed to accommodate the new technology. Carefully assess all options to guarantee a smooth IT implementation.

Do We Have the Necessary Resources to Support the New Technology?

When implementing a new technology it’s important to consider if you have the necessary resources available to support it. Some organizations might not have the resources to configure and maintain things but what if you don’t? This is an important factor when considering in long-term budgets and the constant goal to achieve cost savings wherever possible. One might need to look at a managed service offering or leverage the OEM to provide service and support. Look at all options and understand the short and long-term problems you are looking to solve.

In summary, technology is essential and can cut costs and improve efficiencies in your business. Make sure you engage all parties to ensure that any technology is the right fit for your company.

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