Implementing a new solution and/or change is never easy. Implementing a warehouse management solution requires new processes, teamwork, documentation and the right attitude.

Technology plays a big part in the roll out of any new system. Computers will need to be put in high action areas along with barcode scanners and make sure your technology is up to par. Is your WiFi network able to reach your entire warehouse? Do you have barcode scanners in places that need it the most, like the shipping area?

New solutions come with confines. They are not going to work the way that you think they are going to, they work the way they work. A clear definition of process must be achieved as it works within a new solution. Look through the new solution documentation and work directly with their implementation team. There will be wish list items that the solution may or may not be able to deliver. Flexibility and adaptability will be required while implementing this change. The way you might think it should work and the way the system is designed will not always be the same. Being able to take a step back and look at the problem with a fresh perspective will aid in the change.

Changing to a new inventory system will be difficult at first and change is never easy. If you organize your data, physical space, update your technology and maintain an open mind – success can be achieved.

Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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