Today more and more operators are buying a wider array of inventory from multiple sources and by multiple means. You need an inventory system that can link all of these channels together to stay on top of your day to day activities.

The hospitality industry has been slow to adopt an inventory management system but they are being forced to look for alternative solutions to help solve their warehousing problems.

Given the current economic environment more and more hotel operators are turning their attention to technology that can increase their client base and they don’t worry about tracking their supplies. This is extremely counter-productive because a strong knowledge in stock management is essential
for any business owner.

Software today that focuses on warehousing management can not only tell you what is or has been selling but can also indicate areas that can see increases in margin and profitability.

Since the advent of the smartphone the limitations of inventory tracking software have been lifted. Through the use of this updated software program, many in the hospitality industry have been able to effective reduce costs and virtually eliminate all labor intensive procedures.

This has a positive trickle-down effect that allows business owners to know exactly what they have purchased, how much they purchased the item for and the gross profit achieved in real-time.

Plus with the introduction of wireless barcoding scanners users are no longer tethered to their computers. This allows for a more accurate reporting function of the businesses operations.

The simple cost reduction and profit potential lends serious thought for any would be business owner in the hospitality to seriously consider investing in warehousing software or at the very least get a demo. offers a free demonstration of their wireless barcoding and
inventory management software. Visit them today at


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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