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From Floor to Door: Why New Enterprise Software Will Replace ERP

From Floor to Door: Why New Enterprise Software Will Replace ERP

It goes without saying that things are pretty rough for warehouse managers, order managers, and brands right now—from the CEO and the COO to operations and logistics managers, every day brings more challenges. It can feel like running a marathon with no water breaks, no rest periods, and an ever-diminishing finish line. Even if you manage to break through the tape, there are no fans cheering you on, no medals or TV coverage—just a few minutes to catch your breath before another 26.2 miles of pavement stares you down.

And if you are the one responsible for managing day-to-day operations and the entire fulfillment operations and strategy for your brand, chances are you were exhausted before the race even started. Fatigue can cripple brands—no matter how resilient you are. Even the greatest gymnast of all time, Simone Biles, had to withdraw from the Olympics due to the “yips” or “twisties,” a condition that causes a sudden loss of ability in athletes to execute the most basic skills of their sport. Luckily, her sponsors, Athleta and Visa, stood by her—but will your customers do the same?

If you are burned out by problems caused by inventory inaccuracies, operational efficiencies, labor constraints, and the inability to easily fold integrations into your existing systems, it could be related to your technology. Whether you are a brand in your early lifecycle or a mature brand with set technology infrastructure, the decisions you make on selecting connected and open technology for your warehouse management system (WMS) and the integrations infrastructure will set the tone for your growth journey in the future.

If you’re ready to step up your game, it’s time to forge ahead and leave the spreadsheets, manual operations, and antiquated systems in your dust. It’s time to upgrade with a new generation of enterprise software solutions. Taking the next step toward implementing a collaborative software system is easier (and cheaper) than ever before.

In the white paper, Why Connected Commerce Will End the Reign of ERP, you can find:

  • A detailed analysis of how and why ERP has become obsolete
  • Practical advice on how to construct a fulfillment network depending on where you are in your business’s lifecycle
  • How to use a modern collaborative model when deciding on what connected enterprise software solutions are best suited to your business model
  • Why connectivity, visibility, and adaptability should be the bedrock of any software solution strategy
  • How every aspect of your workflow—from the floor to the door—will benefit from next generation strategies

Connected commerce software will increase your revenue, integrate warehouse order, and inventory management, have access to real-time business metrics and KPIs, and wow your customer base—not to mention, delight your staff by eliminating manual, time-consuming processes.

To start your next marathon on the front foot, download Why Connected Commerce Will End the Reign of ERP today!

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