ReOrder points/replenishment

topShelf Reorder Management and Replenishment ensures adequate stock for all orders.

  • Set min/max quantities: always ensuring adequate stock
  • Creates live up-to-date requests to replenish stock via topShelf Mobile.
  • Automatically creates Receiving or Purchase Order Transactions based on reorder points

Customized reports

topShelf provides real-time reports giving you instant visibility on all facets of your business.

  • View critical reports like inventory levels, shipping, order status
  • Create customized reports that work as you do.
  • Viewable from any smartphone or tablet

Barcode Printing

topShelf mobile prints on-demand barcodes anytime/anywhere

  • Create barcodes from any product description or ID.
  • Print barcodes for product/bin/or asset using built-in label templates
  • Uses any ethernet enabled Zebra barcode printer

User Preferences

topShelf User Preferences enables you to control access, creating an efficient task management

  • Define user roles for specific tasks like wave picking, receiving, order pick
  • Date and time stamp user interactions
  • Real time visibility of user productivity

work Order Management

topShelf Work Order Management creates fast efficient task and bill of materials needed for finished products

  • Create a customized bill of materials and tasks for finished goods
  • Build kits with work orders and assign tasks
  • Track build status

Fulfillment by Amazon

topShelf tracks FBA

  • View Inventory levels within topShelf
  • Instant visibility on product activity
  • Create tasks based on inventory levels

Tag Management

topShelf tags products, bins, and all tasks

  • Create tags around product attributes(freshness, active, inactive)
  • Filter orders and bins
  • Easy setup


topShelf Mobile directs warehouse personnel to pick products from the most efficient location

  • Verifies and Validates order pick via topShelf Mobile
  • Create digital picklists and tasks
  • Creates the most efficient pick path within the warehouse


topShelf integrates with many “off the shelf” shipping applications:

  • Automatically updates shipping applications with order; ready to ship
  • Proof of delivery options using topShelf mobile on any smartphone or scanner
  • Passes tracking number and information back to the marketplace or integrated application

Receiving and Purchasing

topShelf Receiving and Purchasing always ensures that product is received accurately and efficiently

  • Verifies and Validates quantities received and catch any discrepancies using topShelf Mobile
  • Generate barcode labels for the product received if needed
  • Manage Purchase orders issued to Vendors

Serial Numbers/Lot control

Track and capture all asset-based products.

  • Expiration Dates/LIFO/FIFO
  • Verify and Validate what products are picked for orders, ensuring history.
  • Lot Recall Tracking


Create kits using Kit Build or Bill of Materials

  • Roll up multiple items into a single product
  • Create items using a static or dynamic bill of materials
  • Create kit requests based on orders or pick multiple products to fulfill kit

Cycle Counting

Manage product turns more efficiently

  • automatically create cycle counts
  • Track by bin or product level
  • Records user interaction

Product Health Monitor

topShelf manages product health to prevent mis-ships and product recall

  • Quarantine bin locations and lock users from picking certain products
  • Hold products based on characteristics.
  • Scrap or remove bad products.

Import/Export Data

SNAP import/Export tool provides Real-Time integration between existing applications and topShelf

  • Import/Export CSV files automatically
  • SOAP API for advanced integration
  • REST API for advanced integration

Truly Mobile!

Anytime, Anywhere.

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