Jul 31, 2018

E-commerce is here to stay and companies that have a presence selling products via the internet will need to keep their internal processes and online customers happy. If a company is looking to enter into the e-commerce space we have noted a few areas that need to be top of mind. The most important factor we all know is to ship the right product to the right customer almost immediately after they click the “checkout” button and exceed delivery dates.


Some people say that it is ok to have a warehouse with not logical shelving methodology or not to be organized. We believe that having an organized process and an investment into technology like topShelf will help things. Let technology assist in your operations as it can save you time and money. The importance to your warehouse is how inventory is logged and arranged for your fulfillment team to do their job.


Any warehouse fulfillment process requires a strategy for picking different types of orders faster and more efficiently. Doing more in less time is the goal. Once again technology can help in the pick process but make sure that you look at your long term needs and not a short term fix.


Customers are demanding that shipping and returns are free and the days of charging the customer are few and far between. Customers look for this and if it is not a core offering you may lose sales. Many companies are working towards the goal of offering two-day shipping as a standard. Think about your shipping strategy as your customers are looking for free shipping.

Customer First

All businesses that are in the e-commerce space need to understand the customer’s needs. Real-time data about customer demand, ordering trends, sales forecasts and rapid fulfillment are the mission critical factors. Warehouses also need to have the customer first concept. Minimize product touches, pick time, and always be thinking how you can deliver for your customer will create a plan for success.

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