Things to consider when laying out my warehouse

Q: What are some things to consider when laying out my warehouse?

A: Economy of motion! You will want to plan this with a definitive process for doing so.

The layout and position of your inventory may need to change to facilitate new product lines or add greater maneuverability and flexibility to warehouse operations. When proposing your layout, a detailed process for planning the layout should be followed to ensure the right decisions are made. We have created some simple guidelines below…



1. Define your goals for laying out the warehouse.

Are you shipping out product, storing it, discarding it, recycling it?

Are your goals in laying out your warehouse reducing cost, saving time, and increasing efficiency or to provide maximum customer service?

A clear definition of your goals can help you in making informed decisions and optimizing your workflow.

2. Next you will want to gather data; the specifications of your warehouse. Quantity of product being moved. Top sellers. A physical map of the warehouse height restrictions. Square footage. Loading dock access. All of these are factors are important to take into account.

What are the products I am housing?

How fast are products going to move?

How much space do I have?

How is the data I have gathered relevant to the goals that have been laid out in your plan?

3. Now it’s time to create a plan and implement it.

A layout that is both logical and easy to navigate will be of benefit to your employees by improving efficiency and saving time. Products that move most often should be easily accessible.

Following a definite process by gathering data, analyzing the data and coming up with a solid flow will aid you when setting up your warehouse, save time and ultimately money.


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