Abraham Lincoln once said “I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back.” A century and a half later this quote is accurately used to describe companies that upgrade from their manual inventory process to an automated inventory management system.

We have previously discussed several stigmas that companies have about changing their inventory management system. One primary reason companies do not change is because they have kept their inventory manually so long that they just can’t imagine doing their inventory a different way. Changing from pen and paper to barcode scanners can be quite the culture shock.

Here at Scout we are fully prepared to make that culture shock as minimal as possible. It might be a slow walk to decide to change inventory management systems but once that decision is made we could have your company operating in as little as ten business days. Our support team is there at every step to provide guidance as your company begins its journey while simultaneously beginning to save copious amounts of time and money. Feel free to watch our newest YouTube video that gives a demonstration about how much time is saved. Once companies have access to fantastic features such as barcode scanning and real time visibility they become like Lincoln and never walk back.

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