There was an article in Forbes magazine from the CEO of fishbowl talking about attaining to much personal data and whether that is a good or bad idea.

I have to chime in and say that the point was that if you use the information to genuinely help the customer than that is a good use of the data but the dark side to the argument is that you can misuse that knowledge very easily or at least someone in your company can misuse that information very easily.

Given today’s new environment of security and precaution the sensitive nature of data is at the top of many company’s radar which is the reason we are discussing the idea of attaining to much data.

Now his point was to gather business specific information and in the competitive inventory software marketplace that is extremely helpful and helps the client as well. By addressing the specific needs of the clients helps not only ourselves but more importantly the potential client.

We have a database of each of our clients and potential clients and store information that will help you make better choices specific to your company and your industry.

We take the time to listen to your needs and answer your questions so that we can match the right program to meet your needs and by gathering the data we can continue to provide outstanding customer service and support.

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