Benefits of Cloud Based Inventory

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Cloud Based Inventory Management System:

  1. Barcodes are made to be scanned!

    If you’re using a barcode system for your inventory, you simply cannot do without an inventory management system to help you stay organized. In the event that your’e not already employing barcodes, you should serious consider making an upgrade in your system to make use of what is considered the most convenient and cost-effective way of managing your inventory. In either event, you’ll find today’s innovative technology is better able to manage your inventory than previous measures. Scout’s cloud based inventory management software can give you better control over your inventory and help you save you money in the process.

  2. Don’t BE tied down to the office, access from anywhere.

    The most obvious reason you should consider a cloud based inventory management system is that it will enable your entire staff to access your inventory whenever necessary. For business owners of multiple locations, this is a must. Keep better track of your stock through effortless IM with Scout’s topShelf; find out more on the website. For owners of single location businesses, topShelf will provide you with a means to take your inventory on the road with you, making mobile inventory management not only possible, but efficient.

  3. Real Time Data

    Scout’s cloud based inventory management system will give you more control over your stock, so you won’t have to be sitting in front of your computer to access pertinent information regarding shipments, orders, fulfillment or any other aspect of IM. Log in to your inventory via your mobile device and get the answers you need immediately, or effect changes from your mobile location.

  4. Let Us Handle The Expensive Servers

    If you’re tired of having to back up your current system, you’re going to love the freedom of employing Scout’s cloud based inventory management software. Keeping your inventory in the cloud is the best way to avoid the headache of worrying about losing your data through a computer crash or failure to back up your system. Your inventory is always where you want it, and easy to find and access anytime, anywhere. Talk about real value! Scout’s topShelf is not only affordable, it will pay for itself many times over.

  5. Easy Growth and Scalability

    Scalability with Scout means you’ll save time and resource over having to install software on every computer that requires access to your inventory. An increase in employees for seasonal purposes or during spurts of growth do not have to stop you dead in your tracks or conjure up thoughts of huge expenses in getting everyone up to speed. For a single monthly subscription fee, your entire staff will maintain access to your inventory with absolutely no additional hidden costs.

    Sign up for a free demo of Scout’s cloud based inventory management software by filling out the brief online form. Feel free to watch the free video on the home page to learn more about how you can save time and money while growing your business. With Scout’s powerful global inventory management solutions, your inventory will always be at your fingertips.

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