Apr 06, 2018

The boom in commerce is through e-selling. People are busier in their lives, digitally connected and products are just a click away. For e-sellers, a broad web presence and multiple channels are desirable for sales. Keeping all of your channels in line, customer data updated and tracking inventory is a full time job.What if there were software solutions that could allow that full time job to be simplified? There are solutions that can manage your selling channels and solutions that can manage the inventory in your warehouse.This will provide you with visibility to your customers, sales, reduce your labor, and giving you peace of mind.

ChannelAdvisor is one of those companies that provides a listing and CRM platform all in one. There are 90+ channels that are available through ChannelAdvisor and it can take care of your digital marketing, listings to your channels, client notification, reporting on sales and product movement. ChannelAdvisor can update on hand and available quantities to your marketplace with information about your products and inventory, but where does that information come from?In the past, inventory was kept through ledgers, pen and pencil, and more recently spreadsheets. There also is a solution that can inform ChannelAdvisor and update what exactly is in your warehouse.

TopShelf is a warehouse management system (WMS) where ChannelAdvisor can be many things, but the daily tracking of inventory and orders fulfilled is better served by topShelf. TopShelf will receive orders from your channels through ChannelAdvisor and then direct your warehouse team to the locations where the inventory has been assigned to. Once and order is picked complete, the warehouse will ship the order manually through topShelf or use an automated shipping platform like ShipStation or Fedex. Once an order is shipped, ChannelAdvisor is then updated with the updated inventory quantities and tracking information. TopShelf provides reporting on inventory movements stock levels and re-order points can be set for low inventory and email notifications.

In summary, topShelf can fill the hole in the logistic cycle where ChannelAdvisor manages the external and topShelf manages the internal. These two solutions working together can save you time, money and manpower.

Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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