Better Small Business Inventory Management Saves Time and Money 1

When you improve your large, mid or small business inventory
management, youll save both
time and money. Good inventory management incorporates cost-savings and
maximizes productivity among your employees. With the right software, your
business will profit.

Inventory Management Software Saves Time

Think about the last time you conducted a physical inventory of
your warehouse. If you were using a manual system, you probably had to shut
down the warehouse for at least a day (or more) so that your employees could
count off shelves and bins. A check list on a clipboard made its way into the
office, where a clerk typed the information into the computer. That probably
added another day or two to the inventory process – at least.

When you add up all the time it took to get the information from
the warehouse and into your computer system, it adds up to a considerable
amount of time. Thats time
that your employees could have spent processing orders, shipping packages, and
performing other tasks.

With automated inventory management software such as topShelf,
your smartphone converts into a scanner, or you can use other scanners to swipe
barcodes to conduct inventory counts. The information is seamlessly and
immediately transferred to your ERP system so that youve got updated stock counts immediately in
the system. No more waiting, and no more time wasted manually counting out the
bins then typing the information in the system. Its all handled quickly and efficiently by

Saving Money by Reducing Mistakes

Even the most careful clerk makes mistakes. Transcription errors,
unreadable handwriting, or simply being distracted when the phone rings can all
add up to mistakes in inventory tallies. These mistakes may not seem like a big
deal until you add them up. Then you can quickly see how little errors can
translate into big mistakes. You may inadvertently order too much or too little
of a product because the basic information isnt correct in your system. Inventory amounts are reported
incorrectly, inflating costs on the books. All of these errors add up.

With topShelf inventory management, the human error factor is
reduced until it is almost nonexistent. Since everything is automated, you dont have to worry that typing errors
will lead to large inventory mistakes. Better still, you wont accidentally reorder products before you
need them based on faulty inventory reports. With the correct information, youll save money.

topShelf Business Inventory Management Software for All Size

topShelf from Scout Software is a great tool for inventory
management for businesses of all sizes, but especially for business inventory
management. Its a
cost-effective way of minimizing mistakes and maximizing your inventory. To
learn more, visit Scout


Let us show you how topShelf Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software can help you streamline processes, increase inventory visibility and accuracy while increasing your revenue.

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