Inventory management helps all types of companies. This supplier of semiconductors and other electronic components saw significant improvements with topShelf. Learn more.

Inventory management helps all types of companies, but for
this company, it was essential. The company is a supplier of semiconductors and
other electronic components. The company’s inventory consists of hundreds of
small items, often in shrink-wrap or clear pouches. Some look very similar to
each other except for the tiny letters or numbers etched onto the back plate.
And items like solder wire all look alike unless the gauge, spool length and
other factors are identified.

topShelf helped this company streamline their operations
quickly and easily with cloud-based inventory management software. Mobile
barcode printers and scanners made the job a snap, and the new real-time
inventory updates helped them keep track of all those teeny-tiny semiconductors
in the inventory. The company was pleased, and they could serve their customers

The Situation

The client is an e-commerce seller of semiconductors and
related parts and equipment for electronic equipment repairs. Spools of
soldering wire, many brands and types of semiconductors, and other materials
are available on their website.

The company has a large number of items in inventory but
lacked an efficient method of tracking them. Because tracking wasn’t automated,
they also lacked insight into their inventory levels. Lack of visibility put
them at risk for over- and under- ordering items and unbalanced inventory

The Solution

topShelf from Scout Software was able to provide mobile,
cloud-based inventory management solution that accommodated all the clients
needs. Barcode printing and scanning from any mobile device made it easy for
the company to implement this new strategy right away. Additional SKUs could be leveraged for more
sales, too.

Cycle counts and physical inventory had once been a dreaded
chore, but now went smoothly and quickly with topShelf. Real-time, accurate
inventory data now entered the company’s systems so they could see at a glance
their inventory status and reorder if needed.

The company was thrilled with the results. Not only could
they manage existing inventory better, but they could better predict reordering
needs and cash flow, too.

topShelf offers many benefits to e-commerce
companies seeking a simple solution to their inventory tracking needs. It’s a
cloud-based, mobile inventory system that’s easy to use and offers real-time
visibility and inventory tracking. For more on topShelf, please visit Scout Software or call


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