For inventory-based businesses (those that have product to store and sell), a cloud-based inventory management system is a must. So many facets of a business can be improved with the properly integrated system. We know that some of you out there need more than just our word that the above statement is true. To that end, we’ve gathered the top ten reasons to incorporate an Inventory Management System.

THE TOP TEN Reasons To Incorporate Inventory Management System:

10.) Increase Efficiency

Without the organizational tools that an integrated warehouse management system brings, employees spend countless hours digging through files, emailing spreadsheets back and forth and physically checking on inventory levels. With the right system, your employees’ time can be redirected elsewhere.

9.) Keep Accurate Inventory Levels and Locations

With a cloud-based system, you’ll always have accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory reports available. Knowing what you have and where it gives you the powerful information you need to make good business decisions.

8.) No Lost Sales Due to Stockouts

Nothing upsets a potential customer more than seeing the dreaded “out of stock” message pop up on their screen. When it happens, you may not just miss out on that sale, but on future ones as well. If annoyed enough, the customer may just decide not to return to your site.

7.) Seamless Integration with Current Systems

Finding a Warehouse Management System that integrates with your current Accounting System, CRM Application, e-Commerce Platform, and All Windows CE Devices is a must. Bringing all these things together to work in concert brings greater efficiency and accuracy to your business.

6.) Improve Cash Flow by Avoiding Overstocks

When you order too much stock, you face the problem of additional overhead in the form of stock control, storage, and insurance. Keeping a tighter leash on inventory levels is simplified with the forecasting capabilities of a robust system.

5.) Increase Security

Because of the accurate real-time data that a cloud-based system brings, you can more easily catch any problems or discrepancies.

4.) Support Numerous Tax Rates

In the e-commerce world, having a tool in place to deal with taxes for more than one state is imperative.

3.) Save Time

The integration capabilities of most systems save time by eliminating the need for multiple entries. When all the information can be accessed in one spot, seeing the big picture of your business is easier.

2.) Scalability

As your business grows and matures, so should your inventory management system. Whether you have one or one hundred warehouses, the right system will expand to encompass all of your inventory.

And now, the number one reason to incorporate an Inventory Management System…

1.) Maintain Your Sanity

With cloud-based systems, you are able to stay on top of all inventory processes. This instant access gives you a clear picture of your entire business, allowing you to stay connected – no matter where you are.

Of course, we could produce a list with many more reasons why a cloud-based warehouse management system is the right solution for any inventory-based business, but we’ll cut ourselves off here. If you need more convincing, let’s talk.


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