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We sincerely try to keep our clients happy. We are thrilled when we receive messages letting us know that we are doing a pretty good job of that. We invite you to read what some of them had to say – and we thank them for sharing their thoughts.


“We did a cycle count and found over $80,000.00 in inventory we didn’t know we had.”
“It’s the easiest business app I have ever used. It just works.”


“Integration with our SAP Business One application was easier than I thought. Scout had topShelf integrated within 3 months. We are now able to manage raw materials to finished goods at incredible accuracy.”
“Your team was a huge help! Thanks for all your support and the adjustments made by your developers on our behalf. Our team here was quite satisfied during the training session(s). “


“It’s great to have lot and recall visibility anytime from any device.”

“Being able to view and create orders for our customers on the spot has saved us numerous times.”


“Works as exactly as promised. Our inventory has never been this accurate.”

Warehouses & Distribution

“I love being able to see all of inventory levels immediately”